Hi, I'm Sarah juliusson

also known as the website doula...

As a web designer I hear from overwhelmed clients all the time who just don't feel like they have the bandwidth or capacity to be effective on social media.  I get it, it's not an intuitive realm for me either - I have to really work at staying engaged and posting regularly.

I've had the pleasure of working with both Kristin & Cortney on many site projects - including this one!  I've watched them grow as practitioners, agency owners, and business women. They have developed thriving businesses & a devoted following on social media.

I am so excited to now be able to support my design clients with their social media memberships!


The MYB social media subscriptions are such a gift to birth and postpartum professionals. No more feeling stuck or overwhelmed. You will have the fresh ideas you need, detailed content guides, and even options for images each and every month. Choose from: