Labor Positions Graphics Bundle

MYB Social posts

A collection of 32 beautiful hand-drawn labor positions. These downloads can be used for social media posts, flashcards, handouts, or during childbirth education. They are intended to help expectant parents, doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, and nurses show different positions for labor and birth.

The Labor Positions Bundle includes:

  • 2 peanut ball positions
  • 5 birth ball positions
  • 4 squat positions
  • 8 chair positions
  • 4 sitting positions
  • 3 kneeling positions
  • 3 side-lying positions
  • 2 rebozo positions

*This purchase is for a single-use license, which permits you to use these however you’d like within your own business. The resale of these images, in any form, is not included in the license. What you create using these graphics, can only be printed and used by you.


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