Strategic business coaching for birth and postpartum professionals.

Giving you the tools to grow a successful business.

Strategic business coaching for birth and postpartum professionals.

Delivering targeted tools and custom support for your growing business.

With decades of combined experience as newborn care professionals and agency owners, we’re on a mission to help you start, develop, or perfect your business.

Meet Cortney and Kristen, the experts behind Mind Your Business! Are you out of time, inspiration, or the sheer will to learn yet another business strategy? We’ve got you covered.

Real answers, solutions to common problems, systems that help you work smarter not harder, and the sage advice of two leaders who have been in the business longer than most. And we make it easy with video calls and screen sharing so YOU can mind your growing business with ease. All those things you’ve been putting off are just a Zoom call away!

Sometimes, just having a bit of perspective and guidance from an expert can make all the difference.

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Every successful business owner needs a trusted advisor, which is why we offer private coaching. Expert advice and effective strategy for every stage of your company's growth.


CRM & Automation SET-UP

Wish you could just focus on families & not all the admin? We can set up your dashboard, forms, questionnaires, scheduler, follow-up email templates, invoicing, and time-saving workflows in Dubsado or 17hats.



Your practice will run smoothly with our client onboarding package, including custom intake forms, questionnaires, invoicing, & PDF welcome packets. Families will love how easy it is to book your services!



Growing your doula business into an agency? We help you set up your screening process, contract templates, team member profiles, and workflows, which allow you to create a cohesive system with an engaged team (and a new income stream).

Cortney Gibson Doula Business Coach


Cortney is a semi-retired master newborn care specialist and sleep consultant, part-time agency owner, industry educator, business coach, and most importantly full-time mama to Sawyer, her infant son.

Gibson Newborn Services was founded in 2004 and continues to grow and diversify every year. Cortney employs and manages a team of amazing NCS, doulas, and night nannies in the Dallas metroplex. Her love of efficiency and systems has allowed Cortney to run her agency and consulting practice part-time and still post $500K in annual revenue.

When she’s not in the agency office, Cortney is often creating new workshops, updating her online courses, or researching her next interesting topic. Her depth of knowledge around the industry paired with her love of research and teaching made the perfect recipe for peer coaching, which she has been focusing on since 2017.

Cortney noticed there were tons of lovely caregivers who were passionate about babies and families but didn’t necessarily know where to begin when it came to starting or running their business. What if they treated their businesses with the same care they gave to families? What if they could mind their business; giving it the attention it deserved? That was when MYB was born and it has now bloomed exponentially with this amazing partnership with Kristin.

Kristin Smith Doula Business Coach


Kristin is a wife, mom, postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, sleep consultant, agency owner, social media grid guru, and business coach.

She founded her first business, Blissful Doula in 2009, Crazy Lice Lady in 2011, Nightingale Night Nurses in 2015, which has since grown into a million dollar company, and Jules and Anya in 2020.

Over the years she has simplified her office workload by streamlining the process for onboarding team members and clients and has gone from working 50+ hours a week in the office down to 20-30 hours a week.

Kristin has an eye for design and loves to put it all into action. Clients always comment on the beauty and cohesiveness of her website, marketing materials, and social media.

After years of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, Kristin is eager to share her knowledge on how to streamline clients, grow a social media following, and how to make your business the most successful in the most effortless and effective way possible!

When Kristin isn’t in the office, she loves spending time with her family, watching her daughter play softball, creating new business plans and enjoying a cup of joe on her back porch.